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IronWorx Media is a media collective and multimedia production company, built around the idea that 




IronWorx had its beginning as a one-woman band. Realizing the valuable filmmaking opportunities made available through collaboration, award-winning filmmaker and founder of IronWorx Media Debbie Vu built a team of local professional filmmakers and video production interns to significantly boost the production quality of IronWorx content and provide real-world on-set experience for those selected to join the media collective.


Diversity is our number one value so we strive to ELEVATE the stories of creatives from marginalized populations including creatives of color, femme-identifying creatives, non-binary creatives and LGBTQIA+ creatives. We educate our creatives in the process of self-producing their own narratives so that they too can become award-winning filmmakers.


Now more than ever, these stories are highly sought out and must be shared to the wider audience to build empathy and compassion as well as bring social justice issues to the forefront. 

We are meant to EMPOWER, EMBOLDEN, and EQUIP storytellers with the skills to be heard in the wider societal narrative.


Our mission is two-fold. 


First, we specialize in producing high quality content, both DOCUMENTARY and NARRATIVE. We create promotional documentary-style content for mission-driven small businesses and non-profit organizations. These clients want to share their stories in order to inspire and influence others in a positive way.

It’s their passion that makes our job easy!


We write, direct, and produce narrative short films and submit them to film festivals and distribute the films through a free streaming service called 4 Streams. Please inquire how the distribution process works if you have content that's ready for world-wide exposure. We are looking for "woke" content that gets people thinking and feeling.


We all have a story to tell. 


At IronWorx Media, we want to help you share it with the world.


Second, IronWorx Media is made up of a team of associates and interns who have current skill sets in creating media but also have interests in other facets of production. We create an individualized educational experience in order to get our associates and interns the experience and content that they need in order to grow. We focus on the entire video production process from writing, producing, interviewing, directing, filming, and editing.

There are opportunities everywhere; you just have to create them.


Documentary work isn’t the only thing we do. We also produce fictional narrative films. “Roll Pin Punch” was written, produced, and directed by Debbie Vu and edited by Francis Lai. It was screened at the Golden State Film Festival at the iconic Hollywood Chinese Theater in Feb 2020 and won "Best Action Film" in the Feedback Film Festival as well as "Boss Female Short" at the Freedom International Film Festival. The short film depicts a sparring match between two MMA fighters, both women of color, and the pivotal moments that led up to the fight. "Medicating and Healing" was written and produced by the IronWorx Media lead videographer, Seamus Bestwick. Both pieces will go through the film festival circuit and will not be made public until mid-2021.


Based out of Durham, NC, we want to create work that positively impacts the community. We are expanding our list of services including written communication, audio production, coaching, and branding strategies. We also have our sights set on Charlotte, NC and Oakland, CA to share the values and skills outside of Durham, NC.


Like a flock of birds, we get to our destination faster by flying together rather than on our own. 


Recruitment for associates and interns is on a rolling basis.


Please inquire if you have a project you'd like to produce. We can guide you through the process and support your vision.





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